Welcome to my personal page / resume. As you can see this site contains my summarised curriculum vitae. To get more details on any job, education or skill, just click and the information will pop right up.

I am currently finishing my master's degree in Technical Artificial Intelligence and running my own company on the side.

Steven van Driel


One-man company started in 2012 specialising in project based work in web development. Catering to a diverse mix of clients, including small to medium sized business, associations and foundations. Most projects encompass the complete project lifespan, from initial estimate to planned maintenance after delivery.

Projects have been built with a variety of technologies, including content management systems such as Drupal and Wordpress. Several projects where custom build with Javascript/JQuery or Ruby on Rails.

Internship for master's thesis at Utrecht University. Research into the practical use of rule-based classification systems for classifying complaints into categories. Included the possibilities offered by argument-enhanced classification methods, which use knowledge of domain experts to improve the generated rules and thus classification.

Building a classification application in Ruby on Rails, which uses the Clark Niblett 2 algorithm and variants thereof. Application has an HTML interface for administrative tasks such as cross-validation and creating new case bases and a JSON interface for executing classification and adding cases to a case base.

Back-end web developer for Drupal websites, both Drupal 6 and 7. Worked on a diverse range of websites. The work consisted mostly of custom module development, with some client specific and others used company wide.

Involved in the setup and integration of an Apache Solr search engine on an existing website with over 300,000 articles. Worked on the setup and integration in Drupal 6 and later on rewriting the integration for the new Drupal 7 website.

Managing staff, creating work schedule, hiring of new staff. Contact with customers, answering emails, deciding on composition and pricing of group packages. Repairs and general maintenance of equipment, computers and housing.


Master of Science degree. Computing Science focused study of Artificial Intelligence, with an emphasis on agent theory and multi-agent work. Includes thesis on the practical application of a rule based classification system during an internship at Cognicor.

Obtained simultaneously with the Bachelor Computer Science. Information Science concerns human computer interaction, project management and business theories and techniques for IT. It gives a solid foundation in several project management techniques, contains elements of psychology and focuses on a more business oriented future career.

Obtained simultaneously with the Bachelor Information Science. Computer Science focuses on programming, algorithms and mathematics. It provides a basis knowledge of complexity theory and programming in procedural, object-oriented, functional and logical languages.

Programming languages

Frameworks and engines

Content Management Systems