Freelancer at Aedificator

February 2012 - current

One-man company started in 2012 to work as a freelancer. Since the inception of the company a number of projects have been completed, mostly in web development. Some of these are interesting enough to be mentioned on their own in the following paragraphs.

The customer base for the company is a diverse mix of different sized businesses and associations. For most of the clients the complete project, from the initial estimate to planned maintenance, was done by Aedificator.

In the execution of the projects a number of technologies have been used.These include content management systems such as Drupal and Wordpress. Other project were custom build with programming languages such as Javascript/JQuery or Ruby on Rails.

A project worthy of particular note is the website presenting the finals art and design of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. The website was build with Javascript/JQuery combining the use of a number of existing libraries. It features a randomised overview of the works of art, where each work links to the category it belongs to. Every person who completed the finals has their own page with their work. Only the implementation of the frontend of website was done by Aedificator. The design was done by ArtEZ itself, whilst Hevelian handled the backend and database implementation.